Where I pour out my heart in writing.

Maybe I should thank you.

Maybe I should thank you for giving me the closure I needed. To let me see that you were the wrong choice for sure. To make it easier for me to let go of you. Thanks for not being the kind of guy I would play Katy Perry’s ‘the one who got away’ and always recall. Thanks for showing me… That you are definitely not the one. That my gut was right this time.

You may always do what’s best for others. You may have no motives when you show acts of concerns. Maybe what seems cruel always had kind intentions behind. But people that don’t understand you will never understand the meaning behind your actions. And there’s no need for you to try and convince them either. In fact, there comes a point of time when you wake up, and see that you may have been right all along. That he was only obsessed and never truly loved you. That’s why his actions always cause you pain because it’s always his own feelings he’s concerned about. That’s when you realize it’s time to stop giving a fuck about people like that.

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